Hello and welcome, hackerspace explorers! This blog serves as the digital log on my journey towards becoming skillful in security research. The material you’ll discover here reflects the progression of my journey and my passion for growing my skills.

I am on a committed pursuit to establish a career in cybersecurity, with a special emphasis on 0-day vulnerability research. My current main interests are reverse engineering, browsers, exploit dev, virtualization, iOS and malware, and as I explore these domains and uncover their intricacies, I’ll be sharing invaluable insights and experiences right here.

This blog is a made and maintained by a developer-hacker. If you’re captivated by the world of cybersecurity just as I am, or if you’re venturing into security research, you’ll find yourself at home here. Bringing some programming knowledge to the table and starting from the bottom, I aspire to present my learnings in the most logical and comprehensible manner.

Just as I am striving for 0-day vulnerability research as my career, my vision for this blog is to help like-minded individuals, eager to expand their understanding and proficiency whilst navigating the thrilling realm of security research. Jump into my world of evolving cybersecurity knowledge - from learning the basics, enhancing software competence, to honing the art of vulnerability research.

Prepare yourself for an enlightening journey as we traverse the aspects of security research, one blog post at a time. Mistakes will be stepping stones, each learning will fuel the journey, and above all, we’ll dive into the fascinating realms of cybersecurity research together.

Stay curious