Minesweeper Hack

This game is small enough not to be overwhelming, yet complex enough to make it a fun challenge. While there are definitely easier ways to crack this code, I’ve chosen a learn-as-I-go approach which might not be the quickest, but undoubtedly helps me delve deeper into the essence of reverse engineering. Imported Libraries Since minesweeper is a GUI application, it uses graphics function which prints those graphics to the screen.


About project DirDigger is an efficient directory digging and busting tool that offers a range of features surpassing those of its alternatives. It serves a dual purpose, being an invaluable asset for both CTF enthusiasts and individuals engaged in the scanning of web app directories and API URLs encompassing bug bounty programs. Originally conceived as a portfolio project to create a Burp extension similar to gobuster/dirbuster, DirDigger experienced the creation and implementation of novel ideas and features, transforming it into a fully comprehensive directory digging tool.